Frequently Asked Questions

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday each month at 7pm at the University of Idaho Extension Office located at 116 W. Idaho St in Weiser.  The public is welcome to attend, come out and meet your Republican neighbors. 

We are excited for your interest! Community members are welcome to attend the monthly Central Committee meetings.  Come meet the committee and learn what is going on and where you might fit in. If you desire to be part of the Washington County Republican Central Committee, elections are held every two years during the May primaries. At the first meeting after the primaries the Central Committee Executive Committee is established by a vote of the newly elected Precinct Committeemen.  For those aged 18 to 40, joining the Idaho Young Republicans is a great way to become involved with like-minded people. This is a state-wide group with focus on the next generation of Republicans. Go to for more information.

Republicans believe in America’s founding principles. We believe that our nation’s strength comes from God and our reliance on Him. We believe that America is an exceptional country and our Constitution is an inspired document. We believe in equal rights, justice, opportunity, inalienable rights, state and citizen sovereignty, fiscal responsibility, self-reliance and limited government. We strive to put these principles and beliefs into action as we work with Idahoans and our government for the best solutions. We offer a process where principles become actions. 

Idaho Republicans have a closed primary. In order to vote for Republican candidates you need to be a registered Republican. Being registered also allows you the option to hold an office in the party, and to better influence local and state politics with other like-minded people.

You can register to vote multiple ways:

  • Contact your Washington County Republican Party Precinct Committeeman via this web site
  • Contact the Elections Office at the Washington County Courthouse
  • Register online at

Recently in Washington County an election for State Representative was decided by 6 votes and a Precinct Committeeman election was decided by just 2 votes.  Yes, your vote matters.  

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