Become a Candidate

Are you ready to take the plunge and run for public office?  Congratulations!  Serving the public as an elected official can be very rewarding and if elected you will have a direct impact on your community.  If you have never been involved in the campaign process it can seem overwhelming at first, but remember, the Republican Party is here to assist you so don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, there is an experienced team available to help guide you through the process.  Requirements for public office in Idaho vary according to the position (school board, city council, county commissioner, state legislature, state-wide office, etc).   At a minimum, you will be required to file an application for placement on the ballot and you may be required to pay a filing fee.

Any of the following would be an effective first step in seeking public office:

–  For city and county level political positions, contact the elections office at the Washington County Courthouse at 256 E. Court St in Weiser or call 208-414-2092   

– For District or State-wide political positions, contact the Idaho Secretary of State office at 700 W. Jefferson St, Room E205 in Boise.  It’s inside the state capitol building.  Or call 208-334-2852

– Or come to the Washington County Republican Party Central Committee meeting.  These meetings are at 7pm on the second Tuesday of the month at 116 W. Idaho St in Weiser.  You’ll meet your 11 Washington County Precinct Committeemen and the Executive Committee, they will be able to answer all your campaign questions.  You might even meet your County Commissioner, City Council member, School Board member or your State Representative at these meetings, they are great resources for information on running for public office.

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